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Entertainer, creative, mostly water. 

Sofia is a British-Korean freelance presenter based in London, with experience spanning live events, press junkets, and broadcast television, and actor represented by United Agents (UK), Stride Management (US), and Yakety Yak Voices. 


Passionate about telling stories that get people curious, her "quick wit and enquiring mind" make her a go-to choice for funny, intelligent programming. (Rick Jordan, Senior Editor, Condé Nast Traveller.) A true frontline presenter, Sofia is unafraid to immerse herself no matter what the subject; whether hanging off mountainsides while filming travel adventures for corporate clients in the Swiss Alps and New Zealand, or presenting on the science of black holes at The New Scientist Live Festival. 


Her ability to balance a journalistic tone with an infectious sense of humour shines across a diverse range of interviews: seated opposite Hollywood stars like Awkwafina, ice climbing alongside world class climber Alex Honnold, and interviewing athletes coming straight off a court for ESPN (World Chase Tag). Equally at ease commanding live events for corporate clients, Sofia has hosted for The North Face, Maserati, and Korea Tourism Organisation. 

As a voice actor, Sofia works on a wide range of projects spanning commercial, corporate, character, and documentary. Recent clients include Adidas, Samsung, Animal Planet ('Otter Dynasty'), Candy Crush, and upcoming RPG 'Lies of P' for Playstation,  slated for release in late 2023. Her greatest passion lies with animation, and she is represented exclusively by Yakety Yak


Recognised as "an explorer with a gift for storytelling" (The North Face), Sofia is a skilled athlete in her own right, having transitioned from Muay Thai into climbing. She has pursued her twin loves of sports and the outdoors across four continents, including a successful summit of Mt Aconcagua (6962m) in early 2020, the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere.

Across social media, Sofia's frank, bubbly personality and content have drawn an international online following of 100,000. She creates content predominantly around travel, fitness, and daily life, and has partnered with a number of major brands on digital campaigns, such as Osprey and The North Face. In 2021, she developed the creative concept for Australian footwear brand Bared's latest collection and modelled their in-store and online campaign. 

Sofia is especially passionate about mental health awareness and human rights. Both causes are also key to her role as an ambassador for the UK-based charity Ella's that provides safety, care, and support for women who have survived trafficking and exploitation. 

 Credit: Ivan Weiss 


Credit: Lamarr Golding. World Chase Tag - ESPN

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Credit: KTO Event 2023


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Sofia was absolutely fantastic to work with. She was extremely professional, and did an amazing job presenting the live show.

We were all blown away with the job she did!

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Sofia did an awesome job hosting the launch of the Grecale. We were impressed. Lovely to work with - we definitely look forward to having her again for our future events. 

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Even when hanging off ropes, jumping off gondolas or floating down alpine rivers, she is professional, engaging, and a riot to watch

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A captivating character who made some of the most memorable content we've put out. 

- Mike Xavier 

- Stephanos Gaitos 

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Sofia delivered an assembly to a mixture of age groups on the topic of body image and social media. She held the attention of every child in the room, managing to be both inspirational, effective, and sensitive all at once. Various students stopped me in the corridor to ask if she could come back to do more talks. [...] She also delivered a talk on rock climbing to expose our PE GCSE students to athletes outside of mainstream sports; once again she did this with aplomb, describing her adventures and training to inspire our students. 

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